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Administrative law

The firm offers representation and advice in all aspects of the administrative law, including the law of tenders, licenses, planning and building, environmental protection, levies, fees, local authorities, elections, expropriations, and water law. The firm also offers representation in relation to the criminal aspects of some of the above spheres. The firm specializes in representing companies before the Securities Authority.

The firm has unique experience in the law of tenders and has achieved great success in the area, both on tender committees and in court. The firm has been asked to advise local authorities and attorneys facing difficult questions relating to the law of tenders and the administrative law.

The firm provides counseling at the stage of preparing to submit a tender bid, and offers advice and representation where the need arises to protect a win or attack the win of a competitor at the tender committees and in court. This area of practice calls for special skill and ability, including the ability to prepare quickly to apply to court so as to prevent pleas of delay.

The firm's attorneys have unique administrative law experience and expertise. Prof. Dan Bein served as Vice President of the Haifa Court of Administrative Affairs, during which he dealt with the administrative cases in Haifa, including the vast majority of tender cases.

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