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Property tax and compensation fund

The firm has unique expertise in various claims and issues relating to compensation for war damage.

Adv. Yoav Bein heads the staff of a firm that has, since the beginning of the Second Lebanon War, dealt with the legal aspects of compensation for indirect war damages occasioned to the home front in the north of the country, during the Second Lebanon War, and in the area of Sderot and the Gaza Belt, in recent years. The firm acts for most of the leading companies in the economy, including kibbutzim in the north and south of the country.

Inter alia, the firm provides representation and advice in the following spheres:

  1. Property tax and compensation fund matters along the green and red tracks, in consequence of the Second Lebanon War, and in consequence of the situation in the south (Sderot and the Gaza Belt).
  2. The submission of property tax claims and filing of appeals against property tax decisions, and the provision of advice to various entities.
  3. Claims for various tax concessions, for example with regard to "aerial defence".
  4. The performance of agreements in wartime. For example: is a contractor obliged to continue performing an agreement notwithstanding an unforeseen state of war, or is the tenant of a property liable to continue paying the landlord while fighting is taking place?
  5. The return of cheques without cover and restriction of bank accounts in wartime. In such regard, the firm has acted successfully for the benefit of the public at the Knesset Committees, to bring about the enactment of alleviating regulations for debtors, in light of the difficulties occasioned by the state of war.

The firm also advises the Haifa and North Chamber of Commerce and the Manufacturers Association on matters of damage from the Second Lebanon War and on matters relating to the fighting in the south (Sderot and the Gaza Belt).

In addition, the firm volunteered to assist various entities during the Second Lebanon War, for which it was awarded a certificate of appreciation.

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