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Senior Partners

Prof. Dan Bein, Judge (Retired), Advocate, Licensed Mediator and Arbitrator

Prof. Bein served as Vice President of the Haifa District Court, in charge of Administrative Court of Haifa and as Chairman of the Water Tribunal. He has a Ph.D. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is a criminal law lecturer at Carmel Academic College and at Haifa University Law Faculty, lectures at international conventions in Israel and overseas, and at conventions and advanced study courses of the Institute of Certified Public Accounts in Israel and the Israeli Bar. His many articles have been published, inter alia, in legal journals in Israel and overseas. He is a member of Rotary Israel and has served as chairman of Huka Be’Haskama Le-Israel – Haifa and North (together with Prof. Edrei), chairman of the Israel Bar – Haifa District Tax Committee, chairman of the said Committee’s municipal Team staff, chairman of the State Committee on Quarries, chairman of the Taxation Order Reform Committee of Eilat Municipality and Netanya Municipality and as chairman of the National Committee of Enquiry on the Water Economy. He serves as Arbitrator and Mediator in Commercial and Admistra

Mr. Yoav Bein, Advocate and Mediator

Yoav Bein manages legal strategy in complex cases and specializes in administrative law and in particular the law of tenders, planning and building and taxation and in the sphere of wartime compensation (property tax). He has a wide range of experience in these areas and the services offered by him include litigation, consultancy and mediation. He also has a theoretical and practical background in technology law and company law. He advises and represents public companies, various commercial entities, manpower and guarding companies and educational institutions. He has unique expertise in matters relating to property tax and compensation fund claims and war-related legal issues. He advises the Haifa and North Chamber of Commerce and members of the Chamber on tenders, tax law and war damage. He counsels and acts in war damage matters in conjunction with the National Manufacturers Association. He has published many legal articles, in various spheres, and lectures in various forums. He is a member of the Israel Bar – Court of Administrative Affairs Committee, of the Israel Bar Mediation

Mrs. Liora Bein-Alon, Advocate

Liora Bein-Alon graduated with distinction from Haifa University and from the IDC Law Faculty. She practices tax law (civil and criminal) and commercial law, and her services include negotiations and litigation. She specialises in drawing up contracts. Leora is a founder of a taxes and finances forum that encompasses the Israel Bar, the Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the School of Business Administration, the Manufacturers Association and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. She is a member of the Municipal Taxation Reform Committee (Eilat Municipality), chairman of the Tax Committee (former) at the Israel Bar – Haifa, advisor on taxes, contracts and tenders of the Haifa and North Chamber of Commerce and advises and represents public and private companies in the tax sphere.
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